One PV Instrument for Safety, Performance
and Troubleshooting


Once connected and activated, it will perform impedance spectroscopy between any two of the three connected terminals, as well as measure the terminal voltages and currents flowing under various DC loads introduced by the instrument. By combining the results from these various measurements using the on-board computer, critical faults in the system can be defined and positioned.

      Smart PV Troubleshooting and Testing

The PV Analyzer Z200 is a portable and battery powered instrument used to detect and locate faults in strings of series connected photovoltaic modules. The instrument is connected to the string terminals e.g. at the string inverter or combiner box and also to the ground reference for the PV installation. 

Z200 PV Analyzer kit

  • Z200 PV Analyzer
  • RRC2054 Li-ion smart battery
  • RRC2054 Battery charger
  • Ideal tone pickup
  • PV testing leads, MC4 – banana
  • PV testing lead alligator clip – banana (GND)
  • PV testing leads, banana – banana
  • 2 x combiner box test probes and detachable alligator clips

Key PV Testing Advantages

  • Superior "PV isolation" test methods built-in
  • All std. PV tests included
  • Tone Generator & AMP probe
  • Locate bad connectors
  • PID detection test mode
  • Bypass diode functionality
  • Easy control from smartphone or computer
  • Export testing data as PDF, CSV og JSON format